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Empathy, compassion, and emotional support are terms you don't usually associate with lawyers, but Pamela Corey is that rare individual who exemplifies those qualities and exhibits them in her relationship with her clients. We were extremely fortunate to find someone who combines legal expertise, with a human touch that helped us to make it through a difficult period in our lives.

Family disputes, especially where finances are concerned, can be some of the most contentious and acrimonious (and litigious) of all legal circumstances. Often, even when a legal resolution has been achieved, the "battle scars" are slow or impossible to heal for the two sides, causing pain and suffering that can affect a family long after the case is resolved.

Over the course of more than two years, and through moments of crisis and sometimes despair, Pamela, as an integral member of our legal team, helped us to navigate through the ups and downs that we faced. More than providing just, "legal counsel" she gave us her wisdom, her support and her friendship when it was needed most.

Pamela believed in us, and stood by us. She said, "I will not abandon you." and she stood firm with us through unfavorable odds and despite personal hardship. She was always there for us, as a dedicated and gifted attorney, as a passionate advocate for our cause, and as someone whose personal integrity both inspired and reassured us when we needed it most.

Pamela Corey is a rare and amazing, "lawyer with a heart", who sees her clients as more than just a legal situation to resolve, but as human beings. Her legal, "smarts,' experience, and expertise are extensive, and her dedication to her clients is second to none. We were so fortunate to have Pamela Corey as our attorney, but we are even more fortunate to have her as a friend.

Allyson and George Brenner

Pamela Corey represented our wards as we navigated the complexity of a Surrogate's Court guardianship proceeding during a very dark and sad part of our lives. As GAL for the Surrogate's Court, Pamela was a consummate professional who conducted her role with compassion and respect for the difficult situation I and my wife found ourselves as we attempted to gain custody of my deceased sister-in-law's children. Through her thorough investigation and delicate interviews with family members and persuasive report and recommendation we obtained the legal redress we needed. It was a relief to place our situation in her able hands...we would recommend Pamela Corey to anyone addressing a complex family matter in Surrogate's Court and as a trusted advisor.

Dawn and David Palaio

It may sound like hyperbole, but Pamela Corey came to my aid when I needed her most. She stood by me at my lowest point and stayed with me until I was back on my feet and my estate administration was completed. At first, Pamela redirected an estate dispute that would have wrapped me up in litigation for years and converted it into a negotiation that got me every dollar I was entitled to while managing legal costs. Beyond the economics of my parents' estate, Pamela made every effort to heal the family rift that lay at the heart of the estate snarl. By ensuring that I had the support I needed, Pamela left me in a far better state than where she found me. I cannot say enough good things about Pamela's work ethic, emotional intelligence and compassion. I would highly recommend Pamela Corey as a T&E lawyer.

Mitchell Craig

After fifteen years of trying to close my mother's estate with another attorney, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity of working with Pamela Corey on this important family issue. What my other attorney could not accomplish in all those years, took Pamela only a few scant months to resolve. Pamela's professionalism and tenacity coupled with her empathy, motivation, drive and her highly-developed problem-solving skills are responsible for these excellent results. Even though she has a busy practice, Pamela was always accessible when I had questions. Her efforts on behalf of the Cooper family are most appreciated.

Thanks for all.

My very best,
Richard Cooper

The Princeton Festival is a nonprofit organization focused on music. Pamela Corey was extremely helpful in saving us several thousand dollars by steering one of our artists away from a breach of contract lawsuit and by obtaining a full refund of a deposit from an organization that was refusing to honor their commitment. Pamela was efficient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Costa Papastephanou
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
The Princeton Festival

Working with Pamela Corey was absolutely phenomenal. Before I retained her, I was uncomfortable and unsure how to proceed. Once I placed my legal problem in Pamela's able hands, I was able to relax knowing that she would strive to obtain for me the very best result. And she delivered 100%. Pamela was very knowledgeable and thorough. It was a pleasure working with such a conscientious and compassionate professional who I knew would ensure my rights would be protected and my assets would be recovered. I would recommend Pamela to anyone.

Tom Lee

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