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When seeking counsel, it is important to find a lawyer you trust, who recognizes and immediately responds to your needs. A good lawyer will protect and zealously advocate for your interests, while understanding your priorities regarding cost and time considerations.

My name is Pamela Corey, and I work to be that kind of lawyer. I have been litigating complex financial matters for over three decades, and offer seasoned representation in both business transactions and trust and estate matters, particularly when legal proceedings seem unproductive or endless. Learn more about my background by clicking the link below:

Resolving legal matters that have stalled requires a specific set of skills. My skill set, honed over years successfully litigating all manner of complex financial issues, includes:

  • Forensic analysis. By thoroughly investigating the facts related to your matter, I am often able to uncover hidden facts, resources and common interests that may facilitate a compromise.
  • Deep legal experience in business, contract and estate law. My extensive experience in complex, financially driven disputes, offers intuition to craft a previously overlooked solution.
  • Innovative thinking and creative problem-solving. I am resourceful and thoughtful, and I work to ensure that all reasonable opportunities for resolution, including settlement, are thoroughly explored.
  • A combination of big picture thinking with attention to detail. It is important to not get overwhelmed by large amounts of information. My experience synthesizing large amounts of information honed over decades of litigating complex litigation allows me to find hidden solutions in the details.
  • A conscientious personal approach. As a seasoned legal professional, I am undaunted by the pressures of litigation and the courtroom. Yet, I am deeply compassionate about and responsive to the issues my clients are facing.
  • Understanding of alternative processes. Too often, individuals think litigation must be settled in the courtroom. Alternative dispute resolution systems, such as mediation, negotiation, and creative problem solving, are also excellent options that lead to satisfying and timely resolution of seemingly stuck matters.
  • A proven track record of resolving matters better parties' positioned become hardened or entrenched.

My skills are often most useful when ongoing litigation has become fruitless under the leadership of another attorney. When this happens, I facilitate discussions that reveal solutions to get things moving toward a satisfying resolution and I am happy to collaborate with your current counsel.

I believe compromise is the ultimate goal. While some may view a compromise as a loss, I view it as a chance to leave an expensive, time-consuming lawsuit in the past and get on with your life. If you are prepared for long-term litigation, do not mind investing thousands of dollars in counsel fees to "win" and enjoy the adversarial process, then by continuing all means, litigate away! However, if you are becoming overwhelmed or unhappy with the slowness of the process then I would be happy to assess your case and give you my opinion on how to speed it up.

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I am pleased to offer a free assessment of your case. Once I review your case, I can offer my insight on how it may be best for you to proceed. To arrange a meeting, call the office of Pamela Corey, P.C., located in Pound Ridge, at 917-472-9884. You can also reach me through my online contact form at any time.

I serve clients throughout Westchester County and surrounding New York area.

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